Find Out If Underlying Gut Issues Are The Real Cause Of Your Chronic Health Issues

  • HOW stealth infections trigger fatigue, weight & blood sugar issues, anxiety, acne, mood swings & irritability, thinning hair, or poor sleep
  • WHY true health & well-being is impossible unless you regain control over your gut & microbiome
  • ​HOW you can restore gut health naturally, without toxic & expensive drugs using a root-cause approach


3 Scary Statistics About Gut Imbalances

70 Million

Americans Suffer From Gut Issues

What's even worse, undiagnosed gut issues affect an even larger population, increasing risk for serious autoimmune conditions, mood issues & many chronic health issues.

7 Issues

Frequently Missed By Doctors

You might think your gut is fine, but stealth infections are responsible for a surprising number of "mystery illnesses" that even stump most conventional physicians.


Of The Immune System In Gut

Did you know the gut is responsible for 80% of your immune system and most neurotransmitters? That's why poor gut health affects every cell in your body!

Meet Dr. Kryzia Olsen, ND, LAc

Dr. Kryzia Olsen is a licensed naturopathic physician and acupuncturist. She completed her six-year medical training at the National University of Natural Medicine, the oldest accredited naturopathic medical school in the country. Following graduation, she completed a competitive post-graduate naturopathic residency with Dr. Ilana Gurevich, ND, LAc, specializing in gut health.During her clinical training, she focused on naturopathic primary care, which combines the best of conventional and naturopathic modalities to promote optimal health. She has extensive training in digestive health, women’s health, mental health, and cardiovascular health.

In addition to conventional medicine diagnostics, Dr. Kryzia utilizes a variety of natural modalities including diet and lifestyle counseling, western herbs, nutritional supplements, ozone therapy, acupuncture, and other Chinese medicine therapies including cupping and moxa. Dr. Kryzia blends these modalities together to treat the whole person on all levels (mind, body, spirit) to increase their quality of life and well-being.


Here's What Clients Say...

After countless years of managing unexplained symptoms, only to be told over and over again that I had IBS, finding Dr. Olsen was a godsend. From our very first appointment, she was compassionate and attentive - qualities that are so important to someone like me who battles with generalized anxiety disorder. Within just a few visits, Dr. Olsen diagnosed me with SIBO and later candida overgrowth of the gut. She was able to prescribe treatment and ongoing support through natural remedies and acupuncture. I am FINALLY symptom-free. Dr. Olsen has been instrumental in my recovery and restored health, and her treatment has made a huge impact on my anxiety, too. I am forever indebted to her!

Gina P.

I have been under Dr. Kryzia Olsen's care since November 2018, and I can say without a doubt that she has been the greatest influence on my life since I was diagnosed with UC just months prior. After many hospitalizations and seeing plenty of GI doctors, none of their treatments were as effective and safe as were Dr. Olsen's naturopathic plans she made for me. Unlike the GI doctors, Dr. Olsen listened to all my questions and concerns every step of the way and helped me feel at ease with UC. Because of her treatment plans, I can say she has given me my life back. Thanks to her efforts, I can enjoy a healthier lifestyle and the know-how to care for myself without ever having to use harmful drugs.

Brian V.

Dr. Kryzia Olsen has been so wonderful to me in her care of my physical and mental health. Her personality is warm, inviting, cheerful, and such a pleasure to be around. Our journey started over a year and a half ago when I came in with chronic sinusitis, severe anxiety/depression, allergies, and an undiagnosed case of SIBO that she discovered and helped me treat. I had tried everything with western medicine and was unable to find relief from my conditions. I was hopeless and defeated when I finally decided to give naturopathic medicine a try. I am so thankful that I was led to Dr. Olsen. I felt and feel like I have a doctor, acupuncturist, counselor, and friend all in one. I am eternally grateful for her help and compassion.

Ashley W.

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